02 October, 2009

Automatic Enforcement

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According to this report, Malaysia is planning to install the Automated Enforcement System (AES) which will automatically detect offenders and send summons to them.

I totally agree to have the system being implemented at the selected black spot stretch of highways.

However, I am a little bit skeptical on the way the system will be implemented later. Based on previous experienced, the system will be totally imported from whichever country the system will win the government tender. Then, contractors will install the system at the designated location. The system is expected to run without any glitch for one year since the warranty period usually lasted for a year. Then after the end of the warranty period, problems are expected to appear where there seemed to be no technical expertise that could supervise or maintain the system causing the system likely to be abandoned again.

I hope that there are adequate feasibility study being carried out to study all aspects including the operation and maintenance of the system. Most importantly, the total cost of procuring the system should include future upgrade of the system.

Additionally, since the system is expected to utilize embedded inductive traffic sensor loop, ensure that the system can accommodate the unique characteristics of Malaysian drivers where during peak periods, one lane can become two lanes due to severe congestion. Also, hopefully the system can differentiate the differences between several consecutive cars as opposed to 18-wheeler trailers since the system are expected to categorize the vehicles in term of their wheel based and Malaysian drivers are notorious in term of tailgating other vehicles. Also, hopefully, the system can detect motorcycles maneuvering between other vehicles in the queue.
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Anonymous said...

Almost half a year has passed since the news... any updates? Are we going to have AES or not? Has it been tabled in parliament?