06 October, 2009

Telaga Air Water Front

Telaga Air Water Front

Telaga Air is a small town located near Kuching. It is located near the sea and the main activity surrounding the area is fishing. Telaga Air water front is a newly built feature in the area and it is used for deep sea fishing. Those who are a deep sea fishing enthusiast can go there and can rent the boat at a reasonable price (that what was told to me).

Besides that local also use the facility to unload their daily load of fish. Personally I find the water front to be very beautiful and very practical. I will go there again soon to get more good picture of the surroundings because the last time that I went there I am in  a hurry and cannot really find a good spot to capture pictures.
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lancelonie said...

That's an awesome photo right there! :) Telaga looks like a cool place to visit.

Wan Hashim said...

Thanks Lancelonie.