12 October, 2009

Nasi Lemak Kukus

Nasi Lemak Kukus
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During the current economic downtime, there are several alternatives that can be done to boost our income. In this picture, an entrepreneur is using a small makeshift lorry to promote and sell the local food i.e. "Nasi Lemak Kukus". Nasi lemak is a popular food in Malaysia and kukus stand for "steamed". It seemed that they are selling a variety of Steamed Nasi Lemak.

I personally think that it is a great way of selling nasi lemak where you can drive the lorry to any location where people congregate. Here, the lorry is parked at the Titiwangsa Integrated Bus Station.

The Nasi Lemak seller is very lucky because the enforcement officer is not in sight to chase them away. If there is any of those officer is in sight, just start the engine key and find another location to sell the nasi lemak. I think that is not the case. I believed that the operator must have got some kind of permission to have a right to sell the nasi lemak at the busy location. Otherwise, I can bet you, there will be a lot of scuffle because everybody wanted to park their lorry or stall at the vicinity to sell all kinds of things.

Better even, if you can buy several of the lorries and rent it to any operators who wanted to use it to sell something.
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