24 October, 2009

Free Flights for Mum and Baby

According to this News Report, a mum and her newborn baby will get free flights for life. Can we say that it is a lucky day for the mum and newborn baby delivered during flight for winning a free for life tickets using the airline? Usually, airlines discourage pregnant women especially if they are very near their due date to travel by air because they can deliver their babies anytime within the period.

Even though the women did not have the intention to deliver her baby in flight, the experience can be scary since there are no proper medical facilities available during flight. Furthermore, there is a slim chance that there is a medical doctor travel along during the flight. For the mom, luckily there is a medical doctor travelling on the same flight helping her throughout her ordeal.

While the mum and her newborn baby got their precious presents of their lifetime, what about the experiences of other passengers on the same flight? They have to experience additional flight delays since the flight was diverted to other nearby destination due to the emergencies.

Not all airlines reward their passengers for delivering their babies on board. May be due to their corporate responsibilities, majority of airlines give some form of rewards to the mum and newborn babies. So, any women out there can take the opportunities in case that they are lucky enough to earn some kind of reward but the risk is very-very high.

What about the place of birth for the new born baby; Will it be KLIA airport, or Airasia seat No. 23A, or midair over the State of Selangor. If you have any ideas or any good suggestions, please put down your opinion in the comments below.
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BlossomFlowerGirl said...

A nice story and very good PR for the airline - "The airline that cares"? The place of birth would be given as Malaysia I should think. The other passengers may have been glad of the happy outcome, but if they missed connecting flights they may have been annoyed.

Wan Hashim said...

Wow, Malaysia may be too broad for the child birth place. I prefer the place of birth to be the mother seat number. Again, the child can be stateless since the seat number can travel all around the world. Thank you for your comment.