11 October, 2009

Volatile Combinations

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The following math seems to be very easy to understand.

Fuel tanker + Potholes = Overturned Tanker (Can be Fiery accident)

Fiery Accident + several packed Buses = Human tragedies.

That what happened in Nigeria, according to this report, a fuel tanker overturned when it hit a pothole and sparking a massive blaze, setting fire to five packed minibuses in the southern state of Anambra. As of the report, there are at least 70 people were burnt to death in the tragedy.

But what seemed to be a very difficult (difficulty to understand) question is the following:

Bad shape road + very difficult to maintain (given low priority) = human tragedies (high accident rates)

Everywhere else, hopefully, the local authorities will continue o carry out regular maintenance of the roads and highways in order to reduce fatalities especially if the same road is being used t transport hazardous goods.

I would like to take this opportunity to pay condolences to all the family members whose friends and relatives were involved in the accident.
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