16 October, 2009

Causes of Recent Tremors in Malaysia Being Answered

It is very lucky for Malaysia for being far away from all of the disaster prone areas such as earthquake and also typhoon. For example, the recent spats of typhoon pounding the Philippines and Vietnam only reached Malaysia in the form of thunderstorm and rainfalls.

However, according to this report, there are since the end of 2007, 40 tremors were recorded in Malaysia but the significant fact was that 37 incidences of these seismic activity occurred along the fault line in Bentong, Pahang. The three others recorded were in Manjung (Perak) and Jerantut (Pahang). I was reported that Bentong alone had recorded 29 cases of tremors, also known as 'temblors'.

Also, according to the experts, none of the tremors occur at the Titiwangsa Range which is the country''s backbone.

The report also mentioned that here are 13 seismology stations operating in Malaysia, capable of detecting quakes and tremors that occur in the country. Seven are in Peninsular Malaysia with the rest in Sabah and Sarawak.

The recent tremors in Malaysia is due to a restabilisation process of the earth''s structure at the fault line in the areas. The process followed the movement of the earth's layers in the wake of the large-scale earthquakes that happened in the past few years such as the Dec 26 in Aceh, Indonesia, Nias (Indonesia) on March 28, 2005 and Padang (Indonesia) on Oct 1, 2009.

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