09 October, 2009

Say No TO Taxi Touts!

Say No To Taxi Touts!

Users of taxi services are having a dilemma whether to pay taxis that are using metered taxi or to pay a certain fee for certain destination. Majority of taxi drivers are resorting to charge their passengers not by the metered charge. Thus, customers are usually being victimized by the taxi drivers who are using the touts.

For example, in the above picture, a big signage is advertised to alert the public about not using the service of touts. But, the problem is that there are no taxis that are using their meter to charge the customer.

This is just to show the serious attitude problems of taxi drivers. They suppose to carry out their duty by charging passengers according to the stipulated charges accrued by their meters.

What do you think about the use of touts for taxi services? Have you ever encountered such experiences?
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Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I hardly ever use a taxi unless it is as a family going to the airport etc. We keep harping on poor taxi service which dents our tourist image but what are the concrete solutions??? talk and more talk!

Wan Hashim said...

I also agree with you, until when the taxi drivers and taxi services can give a good image to the public and also to the tourists.