26 December, 2009

Another Case of Fatal Bus Accident

London Double Decker
Should there be an accident, especially if it is involving bus, every time there is a festive season.

According to the Star, ten passengers died while two were injured, one seriously, after a double-decker Sani Express coach skidded and hit a road divider at KM272.8 North-South Highway heading north eight kilometres from the Ipoh Selatan toll plaza at 1 am Saturday.

Based on the report, all of the fatalities involved only those who had been seated on the lower deck of the bus.

The two drivers and 36 other passengers were unhurt.

According to the report, the bus skidded onto the road barrier to the left and veered to the divider on the right before coming to a halt.

The metal barriers on the left of the road had pierced through the bus causes the fatality and also injuries.

Such accident could had been prevented if the driver stays alert throughout the journey and also if the metal divider along side of the road is designed and built properly.

Condolences to all of the relatives of the victims in this accident.

Note: Picture above is just for illustrative purposes only.

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