13 December, 2009

My Next Strategy


This article in a blog motivates me further to continue jogging and brisk walking more frequently. According to the article, how healthy we are depending on how much physical activity we get as we aged.

So my next strategy is to maintain regular jogging or brisk walking and for each session will ensure that it will last not less that 45 minutes.

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Wan Hashim, Glad to know you love photography. And I sure love the cameras you have.
I too love photography, used to take sceneries etc, till one day a lady friend asked me to take her picture....and by chance it came out better than I expected and it was her excited compliments to me that got me sold on portraits.

I never looked back....thus I now mostly take portraits, mostly of women, matured lady friends, or friend's friends.
They either (sometimes) pay me, or buy the films (Kodak Royal Gold, or Gold 400)

I have an 12 year old Nikon film SLR F-601 with a Nikon 35mm-135mm portrait lens, with accessories, a tripod and flash.
As well a jurassic Yashica SLR film Electro 35 with a 50mm lens, I use as back up.

And my subjects will bring whatever dresses, cocktail dresses, sarong kebayas, cheong sums and pose for me, or I pose them.
And I can tell you, women being vain creatures, they knowing the finished developed films only for them, sure can pose...sometimes making me forget to klik on my flash, *wink*.
Buat saya lintang pukang, ha ha.

Thus I find portrait photography has its ahemmmm, interesting benefits, ha ha.
You keep well, good shots always, Lee.