02 December, 2009

No Sugar, Please!

The Government is mulling the idea of abolishing the sugar subsidy. According to this report, the price of sugar will increase by almost 70%.

The reason for abolishing the subsidy is to promote healthy living to all citizens and at the same time will save the Government more than RM700 million.

The effect of  abolishing the subsidy:

  • May be people will reduce sugar intake.
  • If they insist on taking sugar, they have to pay high price for the sugar.
  • Skyrocketing all items that are related to sugar such as cakes, beverages, etc.which will increase inflation.
  • Increase in sugar smuggling activities. Previously from Malaysia to other countries. Now with the increase in the price will icrease smuggling activities of sugar from other countries into Malaysia.
  • Immediate shortage of sugar in the market because most of the suppliers did not want to sell the sugar because they are waiting for the increase in the sugar price to reap more profit.
  • Immediate shortage of sugar also due to consumers started to get panic and they are purchasing sugar in large quantities.

As of me, all this while I prefer to drink black coffee without sugar.

However, I still require some cakes or cookies to come with the coffee. By then, the price of those sweet items will be beyong imagination.

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