31 December, 2009

New Four-Car Train for Kelana Jaya Line

LRT Station Queues

One of the LRT stations along the Kelana Jaya Line

Kelana Jaya Line LRT now have new four-car trains as opposed to two-car train previously.

The four-car train has a capacity of 800 passengers.

The train is the newest version of Bombardier Transportation’s Advanced Rapid Transit Mark II driver-less trains, which are designed in Canada.

The new set of trains will ease passenger congestion using the facilities especially during peak hour.

However, the effectiveness of the new trains to reduce congestion still depend on the frequency of the train plying the kelana Jaya Line.

With the increase in the capacity of each train and adjusting the appropriate frequency of the train will definitely solve the overcrowded passengers problem as in the past.

According to this report, 35 four-car train had been ordered and the deliveries of all the train will be completed until the year 2011.


The two-car train of the Kelana Jaya Line.

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Ocean Girl said...

Good news for many I believe.