31 December, 2009

Don't Blindly Follow GPS Direction

This news headline is the result of over dependence on technology.

This is a classic story of an elderly couple faithfully follow the GPS shortcut and eventually get stranded.

The news headlines blamed the incidence on the aging GPS technology and the custodian of the GPS provider, the Air Force Space Command, vehemently defended their state of the art technology. Instead the GPS provider suggests that the GPS devices, such as Garmin,  that the elderly couple were using that might not be functioning properly.

In case that you are using one of the GPS devices, make sure that you input the destination correctly and along the way make sure that you cross check the suggested route with the physical landmarks along side the roads.

That make me think of getting one of those Garmin GPS devices as a route navigational system. I think the benefits of having such a device is more than the chances of getting stranded as a result of using the devices.

Another case of blindly following GPS direction is happening HERE in Portland, Oregon.

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