12 December, 2009

Another Fury Mishap


Picture above is for illustrative purposes only and nothing to do with the following incident.

If your house is located just a few feet from roadside, do you ever wondering about runaway cars or worst runaway oil tanker hitting your house?

Or, Do you wish that oil tankers or any hazardous goods vehicles should use specially dedicated hazardous goods route (if any) to transport their goods?

Well, the nightmare of a house located beside a road comes true based on the following tragic news.

In the News (courtesy of Star): Three people, including two siblings, were burnt to death when an oil tanker exploded after crashing into a house at Kampung Ulu Klawang, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan on Saturday.

The tanker, due to faulty brake, lost control of the wheel causing it to skid and crash into the house located beside the road.

The tanker overturned and caught fire killing its driver and two siblings whose bodies were found in the burning house. The siblings were believed to have been asleep when the accident occurred.

The lorry exploded two or three times and firemen took about one and half hour to douse the flame.

What do you think about this tragic accident? Is it the fault of the drivers or it just happen that the house is located besides the road.

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