19 December, 2009

KLIA'S First

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Wondering why I shot this picture?

This picture was taken at the KLIA Airport. If you notice the picture is about men and ladies room.

It has been a standard sign to have a picture of men or lady to indicate the respective room.

What I found only in KLIA is a unique colour stripe at the entrance of the respective room. For ladies room, the colour is pink, whereas for men's room, the colour is grey.

If you ever encountered this unique colouring system somewhere else please let me know and chip in your comment below. Otherwise this is what I called KLIA's first since the colouring system is only available at KLIA, so far.

Just wondering why the room need to be differentiated using the unique colouring system as if the standard sign of men and lady is not enough. If you have any ideas on the reason for the colouring system please writes in the comment below.

Otherwise the only reason why the need to have the colouring system that I can think of now is that if anybody due to the urgency beyond his or her control just don't have time to look for the right sign, at least he or she will have time to notice the differences in the colour stripe at the entrance (only if they are not colour blind) so that they will not end up in the wrong room at the wrong time.

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