29 September, 2009

Cyber Cafes

Roller Coaster Enthusiasts Flock To Cyber Cafe...Image by respres via Flickr
Due to the prevalent gap of digital divide, most users are dependent on cyber cafes to get connected to the internet. Cyber cafes managed to pay for the internet connection by imposing fees to the users. In major cities, the cyber cafes are being licensed and being monitored closely from conducting illegal activities by the authorities.

The cyber cafes are required to stop operating at certain hours of the day. Local authority will impose severe penalties to the operators for failing to obey the stipulated rules. Also, the cyber cafes are prevented from conducting online gambling games.

Due to the intense enforcement effort by the authorities in the urban areas, illegal cyber cafes are mushrooming in the rural areas. The operators are targeting youth to frequent their cyber cafes by offering them the illegal online gambling games. The operators of the illegal cyber cafes are interested only on gaining huge profits and they do it through the illegal online gambling games.

Thus, the authorities need to beefed up their efforts in battling the illegal cyber cafes in order to prevent youngster from wasting their time and money on such illegal activities.

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