02 September, 2009

Spiderman Successfully Climbed Twin Towers

French climber Alain Robert, also known as “Spiderman,” made another headline yesterday for successfully scale the 88-storey Petronas Twin Towers, at one time the tallest building in the world. However, he was arrested for his successful feat. This was his third attempt to scale the same building. His previous attempt to scale the same building, in 1997 and 2007, was unsuccessful because security personnel of the tower interrupted him halfway. He was freed without charge after those two failed attempts. For this time, just wait for the local headline whether he will be freed without charge for his successful attempt. As of now he was charged for criminal trespassing.

We can always asked what made this man do those kind of feat, i.e. scaling tall buildings around the world. Another question is why doesn't he requests for proper permission from the authority before he scales the building. For the first question, only Alain Robert himself knows best why he keeps on attempting those sorts of feat. For the second question, I think you and me know the answers. If he made proper request from the authority, their answer will be certainly big "NO" because of reason such as the attempt is too dangerous and he might get killed, etc. Even, if the authority granted him his request, they will have to look for the best rescue personnel around the country to make sure that his safety is taken care of. Otherwise the spiderman will sue them for not doing a good job to protect his safety. And you can think of all other reasons why the authority will not grant him his request.

Thus, to achieve his feat, the spiderman climbed all of the tallest building successfully and got arrested later all over the world. For more story about his arrest, go HERE.
Just received the news about a few hours ago and according to this report, he was fined RM2,000 after he pledged guilty to criminal trespass for scaling the building.
Therefore, it cost him RM2,000 to scale the Petronas Twin Tower, which is about the cost of flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to London. I think, as for Alain, all of the efforts is worth it.

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Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Spidey Alain has scaled our steel Everest!! he needs a good, good rest now, albeit a little poorer.