16 September, 2009

Out of Fuel

Electric Grid: Pilons and cables distribute powerImage via Wikipedia
Soon the reserve of world's fossil fuel will run out and most countries will be in crisis in searching for an alternative energy. In order to maintain similar level of energy consumption not so long in the future, alternative sources of energy are urgently desirable. Most countries are experimenting on the use of greener energy such as wind energy, tidal energy, solar energy, etc. The greener energy usually created from Mother Nature and it has to be sustainable.

However, another issue arises is the amount of such level of energy capable of replacing the current energy consumption of the world population. For example, according to this report, U.K. will face energy crisis by the year 2016 as the green energy is not coming fast enough. Those are the stories from the developed countries.

So what about the developing and the third world countries? How are they going to compensate for the alternative energy not too long in the future? Will there be more famine, calamities, and wars as the result of the scarcity of the available energy. Hopefully, the transition of the crises will be tackled smoothly by all of the nations in the world.
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