08 September, 2009

Responsible Broadcasting

Bali Dancers / Balinese Dance - White WingsImage by Dominic's pics via Flickr
They burnt our beloved Malaysia flag, instigated over small issues that had happened to some of them in Malaysia, pelted rotten eggs at Malaysian Embassy, etc. These protests in Indonesia had reportedly been triggered by allegations that a Balinese dance had been used to promote a television show about Malaysia.

Actually, I haven't seen the footage of the television show aired by the Discovery Channel. As reported in the news, after the footage being broadcasted, the protests from Indonesian was getting stronger in their home country. According to the Tourism Ministry and Tourism Malaysia, they were in no way involved in the production of the promotional video that was aired by the Discovery Channel and they were unaware that the traditional dance from Indonesia had been used.

It was reported that the Discovery channel had set the record straight after being contacted by the Malaysian Tourism Ministry. However, hopelfuly, the Discovery Channel will be more responsible than that because the consequence of their mistake has affected the relations between the two neighbouring countries. Not only that, I am not paying to watch the Discovery Channel and let them make that kind of silly mistake. Furthermore, I am sure that there are some irresponsible parties took the opportunities out of this situation to further blowing the issues out of proportions. For more information about the

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