01 September, 2009

New Fuel Price

Another season of higher fuel cost. The newly introduced RON 95 fuel is now priced at RM1.80 - five sen higher than the previous RM1.75. Meanwhile, RON 97 is upgraded as a premium product and has gone up to RM2.05 from RM1.80. The RON 92 is being phased out from the market.

The new prices were decided based on the current method of Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM).

With the price of 5 sen higher, the Government is still subsidising 33.81 sen per litre (of RON 95) which is equivalent to RM304mil monthly.

The newly introduced RON 95 also adheres to the EURO2M specification which can contribute to the reduction in pollution.

RON stands for Research Octane Number. A higher octane number means higher resistance to engine “knocking”. “Knocking” could possibly damage the engine over time.

More information can be found HERE.


Ashley Kay said...

I think we would all be happier if gas were free. Why can't is be that way?

Ashley Kay

Wan Hashim said...

I also would be happy for the gas to be free. But in reality, I think the world will be in caos when the gas is free since nobody will ever have the mean to extract or process the gas because it is so damn expensive to do so. Even if there are somebody able to extract or process the gas for free, the gas will be depleted long time ago, everybody will waste the gas just like anything. That is my opinion.