03 September, 2009

Traffic Engineers

Traffic Congestion
All transportation related matters especially matters dealing with movement of cars, passengers and pedestrian should be left to Traffic Engineers. Traffic Engineers will do all of the study, simulation etc. in order to ensure a smooth flowing traffic and pedestrian with a given amount of budget. Depending on the budget allocated, the solution to the prevalent traffic congestion also very relative.
In case that the decision is given solely to the decision makers than what had happened in two Paris suburbs can occur in other parts of the world. There has been traffic chaos in the two Paris suburbs after their feuding mayors declared the same busy road one-way, but in opposite directions. One of the mayor, initially made the D909 one-way to reduce the amount of commuter traffic through his district. But the mayor of neighbouring suburb said this increased congestion in his area. Thus, he made his section of the road one-way in the opposite direction.
As expected, due to the contradictory road-signs in place, gridlock occurs causing severe congestion throughout the area. To read more about the incident please read HERE.

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For the above incident, the traffic engineers should seek cooperation and clearance from both suburbs before implementing the changes to the street system.

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