27 September, 2009

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Funicular Railway of Penang Hill, from Viaduct...Image via Wikipedia
The Penang Hill railway recently experienced twice shutdown due to some technical glitches. The shutdown is the result of the failure of two switches, one switch that control the train speed and another that control the censor at the upper station. The disruption of the railway services causes a number of tourists to be disappointed because they cannot fully utilized their visit to Penang.

Several years ago, the Penang Hill railway experienced a major breakdown as the cable used to move the rail snapped. It took the railway out of service for several months in order for the cable to be replaced.

The recent problems might not occur if the Penang Hill railway authority has a periodic maintenance mechanism in place. Not only that, the relevant authority should provide enough allocation to the Penang Hill rail authority to carry out the periodic maintenance.

Through periodic maintenance, the initial problem will be spotted or rectified earlier before it become a major failure.
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