23 February, 2011

Free Broadband

Express Rail Link

If you are travelling using ERL (Express Rail Link), you can experience the super fast YES broadband.

The only problem is that you can only enjoy the service for about 28 minutes, i.e. the travelling time from KLIA to KL Sentral and vice versa. Due to the limited amount of time, the service can be utilized using Wi-Fi enabled hand phone.

It is a good way for the company to promote the experience using the newly introduced YES broadband.

I am not sure yet whether the service is available also for the KLIA Transit.


hasrul hassan said...

Wahh ... FREE? hmm best.... laju selaju tren ... kejap je ... tu kira teaser la tu.

Wan Hashim said...

When you try it as if you are hooked to it. lol.