06 February, 2011

Trips To Sebuyau

Trip to Sebuyau

Several years ago, Sebuyau was accessible only via river transportation. However now, anyone can go to Sebuyau without leaving their cars behind due to the availability of road network linking coastal areas. It took around two hours of travelling from Kota Semarahan depending on traffic conditions. From Kota Semarahan, there are two ferry crossings: crossing Semarahan River (depending on water level) and crossing Sadong River. If the Semarahan River water level is too low, there is no ferry service. However, users can use an alternative road which takes additional 30 minutes journey time

I had the opportunity to visit Sebuyau, by car, last September. I had to admit that this is my first time to visit Sebuyau. My first impression is that the town is kind of a small quiet town since most of the younger generation has moved to big cities for jobs and education.

River transportation is still thriving in Sebuyau. As shown above, they have a unique way of transporting motorcycle using river transport. As shown below, the motorcycle needs to pass through a boat before it can be safely downloaded into the other adjacent boat.

Trip to Sebuyau

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