10 February, 2011

Missing You


This kitty, as in the picture above, is about a month old and yesterday morning it went missing from our house. May be he was wandering too far from our house and cannot find a way home to his mother. We had been searching for the little kitty in the surrounding areas and he is yet to be seen anywhere. Hope the little kitty will find its new owner who will take care of him tenderly. Several days ago, I managed to take a portrait of the kitty as in the picture above. Kind of cute isn't it. All of us are missing you.

Now, we are left with only one kitty. About a month ago, our cat was giving birth to four kitties. Sadly, after two days old, two of the kitties were fatally attacked by a deranged male cat. We had made sure that the deranged cat cannot sneak into our house again.

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