11 February, 2011

There is a Wind Mill in Town

Solar Powered Energy

For sustainability, wind mill is the best option for energy given that the size and number of the wind mill is adequate to generate those required energy. Also don't forget about the adequacy of the wind surrounding the area. Usually wind mills are installed at a designated wind farm where the wind energy is very high and the wind usually blowing all year round.

In Malaysia, most of the time the air is stagnant and the blowing wind is only at a breezing level which usually cannot turn a not very large wind mill. The wind in Malaysia will not be able to be used to generate wind energy due to the unpredictable time the wind will be blowing.

The picture above was taken along a new section of the Kuching Water Front. The lighting system along the new section of the water front is supported using solar powered cells. The solar powered cells are installed throughout the new section of the Water Front. Don't be surprised that the wind turbine of the above picture will turn even when there is no wind. Also, if you look closely at the picture, there is a solar cell being installed on every poll of the so called wind turbine. So, in my opinion, the solar powered energy generated from the solar cell turns the wind turbine. It is not the case that the wind turns the wind turbine and eventually generates wind energy.

So the wind turbines along the new section of the Kuching water front are good for your eyes only and it gives aesthetically pleasant looking sceneries along the water front.