07 February, 2011

Improving Bus Terminals

Another effort proposed by the commission is to introduce electronic ticketing system at all bus terminals nationwide as well as implement proper arrival and departure bays. The proposal is good in order to prevent touts activity and to provide convenience to passengers. The proposal should be made as benchmark for constructing future bus terminals.

Hope that the commission will also look into other critical issues regarding public transportation system such as interconnectivity issues, reliability of services, cleanliness and passengers' safety.

Interconnectivity issues should be addressed properly in order to attract more passengers using public transport. For example, as announced before that Integrated Transportation Terminal- Bandar Tasik Selatan (ITT-BTS) will cater to southbound express buses while northbound express buses will use Pudu Raya. It is important to highlight the interconnectivity issues between the two terminals so that passengers who happen to require transferring between the two terminals will be able to do so seamlessly and effortlessly. Interconnectivity among different public transportation services and facilities should also be emphasized further. 

Currently, the departure and arrival time of buses are not being addressed properly. As opposed to the operation of public transport in most developed countries, the delays in term of departure and arrival times here can be more than acceptable. The authority should ensure that the compliance in term of arriving and departing according to the stipulated time should be made as part of the contractual basis to renew the public transportation operators' future licenses. The arrival and departure time should be announced publicly in order to facilitate users planned their travelling itineraries. 

Also, the operators of the bus terminals should ensure the cleanliness and safety of the bus terminals. The facility for disabled should also be provided at all of the bus terminals nationwide.

Until now all of the above issues are left to the operators to handle but as usual there are so many excuses being given such as traffic congestion is so bad causing our buses to be delayed beyond comprehension. Hopefully, with the initiative of the commission will ensure that the quality of public transportation in Malaysia can be further improved.

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