15 February, 2011

Radio Controlled Power Boat

Power Boat RC

Several radio controlled power boat enthusiasts demonstrated their ability to maneuver their sophisticated boat at the nearby lake. It has been a while that I wanted to take pictures of the boat in actions. Last Sunday had the opportunity to come up close to the location and took several pictures of the boat.

Power Boat RC

Power Boat RC
One of the enthusiasts fully occupied controlling his boat.

Power Boat RC

Staging area for them to maintain and operate their boats.

Hope you enjoy the remaining views of the action HERE.


Aishah said...

I enjoyed it. There used to be a remote-controlled airplanes enthusiast near my children's school that I enjoyed to watch too.

The Fleece Master said...

Nice one Prof. The pics taken at tasik desa ilmu?

Wan Hashim said...

Thanks, exactly, the location was at no other than tasik desa ilmu.