20 February, 2011

The New Opening Date for the Renovated Puduraya Bus Station

Well the new opening of the renovated Puduraya bus station is postponed to April 16 due to some more works need to be carried out by the contractors.

I am eager to know the effect of the renovation on the passengers comfort and safety besides the effect of the bus station on traffic congestion of the surrounding area.

Unless the bus parking bays are increased, buses will park outside the bus station and causing severe traffic congestion.

The station was closed in April 2010 for RM52 Million upgrading works, but the works were delayed due to additional work on the base of the building.

The Cabinet has directed both Integrated Transportation Terminal-Bandar Tasik Selatan (ITT-BTS) and Puduraya to be operational on March 1.

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Ocean Girl said...

I do not go to Putrajaya but I did use the free parking and train to the airport. The bus station is not there? Shouldn't it be centralised? Or do the busses do go there?

Wan Hashim said...

Ocean Girl: Would appreciate if I may know the location of the free parking.