14 February, 2011

Who’s coming for the TLS

Amber Chia

Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit (TLS) will be held from 18 to 20 March 2011 at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit is designed for Youth between the ages of 18-40 years old.

As Malaysia is gearing towards a high income economy, the need to develop human capital is becoming more apparent. It is very important to understand the Youth’s demand because it is the Youth that will shape the future of this country.

It is important to have a more systematic and rounded approach to the Youth development that is sustainable and inclusive. It is very important to address the method being used to develop tomorrow’s leaders. It is also equally important to identify tomorrow’s leaders. And the most important aspect is to understand the impact of Youth on your business.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet people likes Ms Andrea Fonseka (Miss Universe Malaysia, 2004), Mr Geofrey Perrin Williams (Actor & Informed Youth), Ms Amber Chia (Fashion Model, Mother, Businesswoman), Mr Faisal Abdullah (Fashion designer), Ms Lina Teo (Miss Malaysia World 1999), Mr Harizal Zain (Director of Documentaries), Les Copaque (Upin Ipin Producer) and of course many more are coming to the Tomorrow's Leader Summit to share their knowledge, mingle and share their success with you.

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Al-Manar said...

Hopping from blog to blog I landed here. TLS, of which I know nothing, atracted my attention ( or was it the picture?). Developing future generation is something that concerns me living in an area where youths seem to have no direction, particularly from Malays' point of view. I wonder who are organising TLS. You must be deeply involved by the look of it. Perhaps you will post an overview of the proceeding, summerising points of interest.

I am yet to browse through your past entries to know a bit more of your goodself and subjects of interest. Will do so in due course,insya Allah.