17 February, 2011

Now Lawyers' Turn to Increase Fees

Lawyers' fees increase is expected to be between 300% and 400% this year, according to the Bar Council. Wow, that is a lot of money to pay to lawyers.
If normally the fee is around RM2000, you might have to fork out between RM8,000 to RM10,000 if the fee is being increased.

They cited their own reasons for increasing the fee. I think that is one way to become a high income profession. However, those who need their services will have to stay with their much lower income (part of their income goes to very expensive service).

So, all things that require the service of lawyers will also increase in price.

Lately, all sort of prices seemed to increase. Latest is the traffic fines; the fines increases as you delay making the payment. At least, if you pay the fines A.S.A.P., it will not be much of a problem.

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Aishah said...

Wow, no wonder the lawyers' fee for S&P recently was so high. Scary.