16 February, 2011

Pay Your Traffic Fines A.S.A.P.

Traffic Police

Under the new structure system used for all offences under the Road Transport Act, and involve all enforcement agencies, including local authorities, the more you delay the more you pay. The restructured system will take effect all fines issued from March 1.

So pay your traffic fines As Soon As Possible (A.S.A.P.). The best of all is tried not to get any fines if that is at all possible. Good luck everybody. Hopefully, our road will be safer and number of accidents will reduce drastically.

The best ever approach is to use public transport. You will not be fined for any offences by using public transport unless you litter or vandalize the facilities. But wait until the public transportation system is really efficient and reliable, otherwise you will get fine by your employer for always being late to work.

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